Brought to you by:
Justin Matley - Michael Reidy - Matt Cullen - Bill Mueller

01 - Merry Christmas, Baby
02 - Frosty the Snowman
03 - The Best of Each Other
04 - Santaman
05 - December 1st (24 days to go...)
06 - Rudy the Red Nosed Reindeer
07 - The Night Before Christmas

This download is a zip file of all 7 songs. The songs are MP3 format, encoded at 160 kbps. The zip file also includes artwork in case you want to make your own CDs.






Here is some info about the recording:

Justin Matley - drums, harmonica, keys, guitar (tracks 3 and 6), vocals (tracks 3 and 6)
Michael Reidy - guitar, vocals (tracks 1 and 5)
Bill Mueller - saxophone, sound design and drum programming (track 7)
Matt Cullen - bass, vocals (track 4)

Also featuring: Emily Shebesta and Tim Gardiner

Tracks 1 and 5 arranged by Michael Reidy
Tracks 2 and 7 arranged by Bill Mueller
Tracks 3 and 6 arranged by Justin Matley
Track 4 arranged by Matt Cullen

“The Best of Each Other” - original song by Justin Matley
“December 1st (24 days to go...)" - original song by Michael Reidy

Live tracks recorded at Sound Lounge, Hudson St., New York, NY
Additional tracks recorded in MA and NH
NY sessions engineered by Justin Matley
MA sessions engineered by Michael Reidy
NH sessions engineered by Bill Mueller

Mastered by Michael Reidy

Copyright 2009 All rights reserved